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Autoresponder Service: Aweber

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If you are looking for a standalone autoresponder I recommend Aweber.  They have a good reputation for deliverability and because they specialize in only providing this service, they are able to focus on constant improvements.

Some of the features that I use the most include:

  • Attractive forms for optin pages – easy to create and modify and it’s just copy and paste for the code.
  • Blog updates – you tie your blog into an autoresponder, then subscribers are notified when you post something new
  • Broadcasts to social media – when I send out a broadcasts to my lists, I can also choose to have it posted on Twitter and/or Facebook

I know you’ll find things you like about aweber as well!

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One of the most important time-saving tools you can use is Roboform. Not only does it store your login information, but it makes it really fast to find a login. For example, when I’m logging into one of the 30 membership sites I operate, I start typing the name of the site and Roboform starts narrowing the possibilities. As soon as I see the one I want, I point to it and Roboform takes me there, logs me in and I’m ready to work. With more than 100 websites that I log into on a weekly basis, the 2-3 minutes I save PER LOGIN buys me a lot of time. Plus I never have to frantically search for that lost password.

So in my book, Roboform is a MUST HAVE tool to work online.

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